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Or you can get a train from Glasgow Queen Street to Balloch (about 4 quid; it's easy to get there for free if you show willingness to pay, but only have a quid or two). Come out of the station and turn right up the '''A811''' Lomond Road. You'll come to a roundabout that joins with the '''A82''' - the main road heading north from here. Take a right at the roundabout and there's a lay-by a little way up on the the left hand side.
=== Direction South ([[England]], [[Liverpool]], [[London]],[[Peebles / Galashiels]]) ===
Get the bus to Uddingston from the main bus station, and step off on Main Rd. junction with Fallside Rd. (next to a church). Continue on Fallside Rd. and cross the motorway with a bridge. Arrive at the Uddingston services area, quite busy with traffic heading South. It's best to hold a sign with the motorway number (AKA [[M74 (GB)|M74]], [[M6 (GB)|M6]]) or to approach drivers and ask.
Though being a very good option to get sure, fast and long distance lifts, be aware that the bus is expensive! 4.50£, and no way to blackride it (neither to pay the cheaper fare till and get off later, the driver will ask you for the difference For going to Galashiels or Peebles, would highly recommend going to Edinburgh using the 900 Bus ( use megabus uk website for 5 pounds or lesser tickets to Edinburgh) then in Ediburgh walk down to North Bridge take bus number 29 / Bus 49 to Eskbank, Tesco ( in Dalkeith ) { 1.5 pounds only } .Here go on A7 and hitch hike to Galashiels . On this route there are cars which also head to Peebles. Though it may seem a little longer, but its a faster and sure way to reach Galashiels or Peebles, which otherwise you may just be stuck on some country side road where people are just trying to reach to the next village and not going anywhere near your destination. In 3-4 hours from Glasgow you could easily reach Galashiels.)

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