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You can get a free map of a whole Italy at almost every [[petrol station hitchhiking|petrol station]] (autogrill) or [ here]. This map has all petrol stations marked in the map. It is generally fairly easy to get rides on petrol stations, especially if it is a guy and a girl. Toilets are free at petrol stations in Italy.
Roads are often not laid out for bicyclists and pedestrians which makes it harder to walk towards or find good spots. Always make sure to stay safe, and do some research before heading out to hitch. Italians do not generally stop on the road. Trucks do not drive on both Saturdays and Sundays so if you prefer to drive with them a good time to get a ride with them is early morning on a Monday.
As in any foreign country, learning some of language is recommended. Aside from Italian and local dialects, French is spoken in some areas of Piedmont and Aosta, as well as German in South Tyrol. A handful of words from a local dialect may make drivers loosen up.

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