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Strangely, hitching in groups almost works better than solo or in pairs. Don Nadie once left Quito in a group of eight, all drunk, at 3am and no problems catching a ride. Incredible. The best country for hitching in the Western Hemisphere.
== License Plates ==
''This section contains text from the Wikipedia article on [ Vehicle registration plates of Ecuador]. ''
The first letter indicates the province of issue. The second letter, also called the "key letter", identifies the type of license plate.
! Province
! Letter
! Province
! Letter
! Province
! Letter
| [[Azuay Province, Ecuador|Azuay]]
| A
| [[Galápagos Province, Ecuador|Galápagos]]
| W
| [[Pastaza Province, Ecuador|Pastaza]]
| S
|[[Bolívar Province, Ecuador|Bolívar]]
| B
|[[Guayas Province, Ecuador|Guayas]]
| G
| [[Pichincha Province|Pichincha]]
| P
|[[Cañar Province, Ecuador|Cañar]]
| U
|[[Imbabura Province, Ecuador|Imbabura]]
| I
|[[Orellana Province|Orellana]]
| Q
|[[Carchi Province, Ecuador|Carchi]]
| C
|[[Loja Province, Ecuador|Loja]]
| L
|[[Sucumbíos Province|Sucumbíos]]
| K
|[[Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador|Cotopaxi]]
| X
|[[Los Ríos Province, Ecuador|Los Ríos]]
| R
| [[Tungurahua Province|Tungurahua]]
| T
|[[Chimborazo Province, Ecuador|Chimborazo]]
| H
| [[Manabí Province|Manabí]]
| M
| [[Zamora-Chinchipe Province|Zamora-Chinchipe]]
| Z
| [[El Oro Province|El Oro]]
| O
| [[Morona-Santiago Province|Morona Santiago]]
| V
| [[Santa Elena Province|Santa Elena]]
| Y
|[[Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador|Esmeraldas]]
| E
| [[Napo Province|Napo]]
| N
| [[Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas Province|Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas]]
| J
The background color of the license plate varies according the key letter and identifies the type of service of the vehicle.
*If the key letter is A, Z or Q, the background color is orange and the vehicle is a [[bus]] or a [[taxi]].
*If the key letter is E, the background color is gold and the vehicle is property of the government.
*If the key letter is M, the background color is light green and the vehicle is property of a municipality.
*If the key letter is W, the background color is white-silver and the vehicle is property of the [[police]].
The rest of letters are for private, or ''particular'', vehicles. Their background color is white-silver.
== Personal Experiences ==

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