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=== South towards [[Ica]], [[Nazca]], [[Cusco]], [[Chile]] (Panamericana, 1S) ===
A good spot to start hitchhiking the Panameicana in direction South is the toll station in Lima's Villa El Salvado District. To get there, go to any bus stop on the Sothern Panamericana with in Lima (e.g. the crossing with Primavera or Avenida Alfonso Benavides) and take a combi going direction Lurín/Pachacamac.
=== Northeast towards [[Huanuco]] ===
For some reason, possibly because of superior road quality, most trucks seem to take the road which passes through Chosica. So take a bus to Chosica and figure it out from there. Don't attempt to use Peaje Ancón to get there- it took [[user:Dr.Keith|Keith]] three days to make this route, which is mostly dirt roads.

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