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*''In Thessaloniki Kamara you can take bus 83. There is no need to take bus 27 and change to 83. The ride towards the HH point takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The bus will drive on the highway. Stay on the bus until it leaves the highway and continue for about 5 minutes on the local road. Leave the bus when you see a petrol station on your right. Walk for 100 metres until the traffic light where you will find some shade from trees. It is so hot between 12 and 4. 500 metres further from the traffic light is the highway. I first tried there but all the traffic was heading for Thessaloniki. So I went back to the traffic light. The cars are local but there are several trucks going to Turkey. They take the national road to avoid the tollcosts from the highway. Try to get the attention of the trucks. I used a cardboard written Kavala-Turkey. The truck took me to the border and there I slept in the truck with the driver. At the border change to a car. The waiting time for the truck was about 40 minutes. The waiting time for the car was 5 minutes. May 2012. Len''
*"''Spent a full day trying to get a ride from the area where bus 27 stops before going over the motorway. Greeks do not stop, slept on top of a derelict building of which there's plenty there. Go to Jetoil as described above, guy with ponytail (late 30ties I think) speaks English and has been helping hitchers out for 20+ years. He knows a substantial amount of the traffic because this gasstation apparently has very loyal customers, meaning he knows which people to ask. Hole in the fence was still there but the police use the cafe as their coffee stakeout and they were there in number all day, so hitching beyond the fence might not be advised. Might still take a substantial amount of time at the Jetoil but I got a ride all the way to Georgia. August 2014, . Wouter"''
=== North-West to [[Skopje]] (FYROM) ===

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