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'''Namibia''' is a country in [[Southern Africa]].
[[File:Namibia road2.jpg|thumb|left|250px|[[User:Theo|Theo]] The gravel road to [[Sossusvlei]] with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees and no shade. Namibia is a land of climatic extremes. ]]
Namibia is a big but very sparsely populated country in Southern Africa, it's actually the 2nd most sparsely populated country in the world, with only [[Mongolia]] having less inhabitants per square kilometer. Hitchhiking is pretty common simply because the public transport network is not very efficient and many places are accessible almost exclusively by thumb or your own vehicle. Having that said many hitchhiking here actually often includes paying for the ride, or to quote one local [[Keetmanshoop]] hitchhiker - ''pretty often people are nice and don't ask me to pay, but normally they want a little compensation '' . Being non-namibian might change the situation. So bear in mind that some drivers might expect money but a quick question such as "is this lift for free" clarifies things.
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== Places ==
Bakkie - Pronounced 'buckie' is a pick-up. Probably one of the most important words to learn as you often end up in the back of one.
Hiking - Doesn't refer to walking but hitchhiking.
Babbelas - Hangover
Chief - A respectful way to refer to any person who stops for you initially.
Dankie - Pronounced 'Donkey' and meaning Thanks. if you wanna say thanks a lot you just say 'Buy a donkey'. It's afrikaans and not Namibian english though.
Robot - Traffic light (not that they are common outside [[Windhoek]])
Biltong - Dehydrated meat. It's cheap and extremely good food on the road provided that you're not a vegetarian.
Circle - Roundabout

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