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São Paulo

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* '''Posto Fase Quatro'''
From ''Terminal Tieté'' (Metro station ''Portuguesa-Tieté'') take bus 164 to ''Itapecerica da Serra'' and get off at the exit from BR-116 to ''Itapecerica''. Tell the driver to stop ''em saida da Biittencourt pra Itapecerica''. It should cost you around 7 reais. From there walk along the motorway for around 300m until you get to '''''Posto Fase Quatro''''' with Shell petrol station. The ride with a bus is about 1,5 hours through all the São Paulo, but the bus passes close to the Metro station ''Cidade Jardim'', so you can catch it there to save time. Another option to get to the posto is bus 282 also from ''Tietê'', but the last one leaves at 6 pm. This one passes close to the Metro station ''Butanta'' and costs around 8 reais. Régis Bittencourt is the name of BR-116 connecting São Paulo and Curitiba.
Here is the [ video] made on the place.
* '''Pedágio São Lourenço da Serra'''

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