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==== Bus 31 ====
Take bus 31 from the city centre (from the squares ''Trg Studentski'' or ''Trg Slavia'' or in front of the large McDonalds)or bus number 17 going from Zemun, through Novi Beograd, until you get to the intersection of the streets ''Ustanička'' and ''Vojislava Ilića'' (ask someone in the bus for the stop ''Shumice'', but in case you miss is it two stops before the last - on the right you will see a pekara and its it's a bigger intersection after going uphill for a while). Turn around and go left, walk to the bridge, cross it, go downstairs, and walk around 150m to the right from the bridge. There you will find a on-ramp to the motorway, and it is the spot from where you can hitchhike towards the toll station. (Alternatively you can walk down the motorway for a couple of hundred meters further and talk to people on a gas petrol station. This might work better, because many people using the on-ramp are not leaving Belgrade). You should have sign which says "RAMPA" (toll station) or "BUBANJ POTOK" (town right before the toll station) (the toll station has moved, see the comment from June 2018!) in order to get a lift, otherwise you risk staying there for a long time. It is possible that someone who is not going to the toll station, but to Bubanj Potok or Leštane will give you lift, but it is no problem, since after he turns, you have only 10 minutes on foot to the toll station. Once you reach the toll station, it is easy to get direct rides all the way to Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia or even Turkey if the driver allows you to sleep the night in his truck.
* ''[[User:Nero12|Nero12]] (July 2011) Yup, it works great.''
* ''[[User:Rozwal|Rozwal]] (October 2011) had a sign RAMPA and got a ride with a man going out of the highway just before Rampa so the sign proved very very useful.''
* ''[[User:NixyJungle|NixyJungle]]'' (2011-2015) I was HH two times on the "on ramp" and waiting for about 30 minutes until I got a ride. Not good spot at all. Most of the cars go inside the city. Walk to the petrol station called AVIA (200 meters). You will see it from this "on ramp" spot. I hitchhiked there many times. Not so much cars, but the ones that stop for petrol, usually go to the toll gate Bubanj Potok. Depends on traffic, you could wait between 1 and 30 minutes. At least, you are not standing on a dusty road, but waiting like a gentleman for a car to pick you up :)
* ''[[User:TurtleGrass|TurtleGrass]] (August 2015) Went with this option, following the 'RAMPA' advice, worked out great! Only waited about 30mins.
* [[User:Antonopa|Antonopa]] (May 2016) Works great, I had to wait about 5 mins to get to the toll station, then about an hour to get a ride from the toll station all the way to Niš. Watch out for the police though, they will move you further down the road if you stand too close to the toll station.
* [[User:Antonopa|Antonopa]] (April 2017) second time using this spot, it's perfect, a lot of traffic heading in the right direction, very easy to get a lift over to the toll station, and from there easy to catch a ride with a truck. Made the trip from belgrade to skopje in 10hrs starting from here at 1200.
* [[User:Janos|Janos]] (June 2018) The toll station in BUBANJ POTOK is not in use anymore! There is a new toll station in in VRČIN (some 5 km further). I waited for an hour at the gas station, then decided to start asking people directly and the first person took me.
==== Trolleybus 29 ====
Alternative (worked very well, a number of times, requires very little walking/riding on busses): If you are in the downtown area, past Slavia, near the big market and Mackenzie street (serbian: Makenzijeva ulica), you can take trolleybus 29 out until it comes to a long bridge with blue railings. This bridge crosses the motorway (among many other things). If you get out before the bridge and cross to the side where traffic is coming in the opposite direction (don't go all the way across the length of the bridge), there are stairs going down that lead to the motorway, from which, you can walk just a few meters and find a shoulder with enough space for cars to pull over, perfect for hitchhiking!
- [[User:Chillion|Chillion]] (2018) This method is relatively easy, as long as you excerise caution. I missed the blue railing bridge by a stop after, so had to walk back which took 10 mins. Getting to the spot requires care. Took me about 1 hr to get a ride, only because I was using the wrong sign (NS for Novi Sad, I thought it meant Nis). When I used the correct sign (Nis-Nais) I got picked up in less than 10 mins. Arrived in Sofia that same day (luck was severely on my side). It is very likely that you'll also be able to catch a ride straight to Nis on this spot.
Note: Jeremie used this spot and would like it made clear that it is dangereous, even if it works well.
==== Tram 7 ====
This option involves less walking along the motorway. From the city centre, take tram 7 in the direction south-east until the last stop (takes about 15 minutes, depending on the traffic). From there take bus 308, direction Veliki Mokri Lug (sometimes written as V.M.L.). After about ten minutes you will cross a bridge going over the motorway; get out at the next stop 100 meters later. From the bridge you will already see the petrol station where you want to go, which is about 200 meters walking. This petrol station is also located uphill. (This info is not entirely correct, I spent 4 hours while trying to get out of Belgrade. There is no way to reach the stop of 308 with Tram 7. You have to get off at Vukadin memorial or shortly Vuk and from there on, walk to a nearby kiosk and catch bus 6A, then go to the last stop Ustanicka and walk down the street. There you can catch 308 to VML. The gas petrol station is a pretty good place to hitchhike, just don't be in it, cause there's just a few cars stopping and you'll be waiting quite a lot)
(well, info is good - but from time to time officials do some tram-track repair, so tram 7 doesn't go further then Vukov spomenik (also, not Vukadin, his name was Vuk). In that case bus 6a runs. Otherwise, going to last stop Ustanička and going down stairs through this big mall and crossing the street will bring you to bus 308 stop).
A sign saying "10 K.M." might be helpful in catching a local car which can take you to the first toll stop (a hitchhiking stop regularly used by locals) and out of the intense exhaust fumes.
If you're heading for Niš (or beyond) try using a sign (saying Niš). If going beyond Niš remember to leave the car *on the motorway* - not in Niš, unless you're a big fan of walking. About two hundred meters before the motorway split Niš and Sofia ([[Bulgaria]]) is an abandoned working toll area station where traffic is going slow and there's place for the cars to stopyou can easily find a long distance ride.
To hitchhike towards Niš, you should first reach the toll station, which can be a bit tricky, since you have to hitchhike while you are still in the city.
Find the map on
=== Southwest towards [[Sarajevo]] and [[Montenegro]] ===
[[File:Donraspunicum.jpeg|right|thumb|150px|[[User:Kristian|Kristian]] hitchhiking towards [[Čačak]] in Belgrade (2013)]]
There are 2 ways to Sarajevo, one through Čačak-Uzice, a bit south, the other one more direct but not written on online maps... The one through Čačak worked well for us. Take the bus 53 from the green open market called "Zelena pijaca" (the stop is called ''Zeleni venac'') in the center, to the last station(''Vidikovac''). Then just follow the street for one minute, turn right, here is the exit to the motorway, climb up the bridge and try to hitchhike there, there is some place for cars to pull over, but in Serbia when they want to stop the car the dont really need a proper place ;). It seems that buses 531, 532, 533 go further, but it's not really needed, and they might be regional buses. Use signs ČA and/or UE (ČaČak-Uzice).[[User:P40fA|Jan]] hitched a ride to Čačak in Sep 2018 here in ten minutes. 
This way through Čačak-Uzice is not the fastest but in t0ma5´s opinion very interesting, it will take you 6-7 hours to reach Sarajevo and before leaving Serbia you will pass near by GuČa, where a crazy Balkan music festival takes place every summer and just before the Bosnian border is Mokra Gora, the ethno village that the filmmaker Kusturica made for his movie, Life is a Miracle, you can visit it in few hours if you have the times but there is entrance fee.
After Uzice there is not much traffic going to Bosnia since after the border and before Sarajevo there is not any big city, so if you get a ride the driver will probably take u all the way to Sarajevo :)
This route is also useful to get to Montenegro - just use the ''Montenegro'' or ''MNE'' sign after you get out of Belgrade. The drivers usually go through Nova Varoš and Bijelo Polje. === North towards [[Novi Sad]] and [[Budapest]] {{European Route Number|75}} ===It's best to take bus number 706 from Zeleni Venac station (big bus station in the city center)or 73 from New Belgrade. If you wish to hitchhike Batajnica, around 15 kilometers away and 40 minutes by bus (depending on the motorway, you should exit at overpass at Batajnicatraffic jams). The same bus goes through Zemun. If you wish to take the old roadYou also have 706E, which is probably the better option if you travel only to Novi Sadan express bus, faster than 706, then you should go further with that bus and starts from Zemun (Kej Oslobodjenja - Zemun center) going to the end of Batajnica suburb, until the . You can also take bus turns number 73 from that road, at New Belgrade. Ask the church. Just go back driver to the same road let you were previously off at, and hitchhike from there. Batajnica is around 15 kilometers far from Zeleni Venac station, and where the highway crosses the bus takes around 40 minutes, depending on traffic jamsroad.
Ask the driver to let you off at Batajnica for the entrance to the motorway. You'll see the signs anyway, but the ride is quite long. Be careful of pickpockets on the old man may look harmless but has quick hands, oh! When you get out, have a sign for Novi Sad and get out at the péage, the toll booth which is quite a way before Novi but the best place to stand to get a long distance you can whip out a sign for [[Budapest]]'ll take a while, but beside you will be a bar just in case of thirst with quite cheap beers.
*[[User:MaxHermens]] got out of the bus just before the main highway, and walked on it until there was a big safety lane on the right. This way, you don't just get the traffic at the onramp, but every car going north. The safety lane is about 10m wide, so even trucks can stop here.
*[[User:xnothingxheldxbackx]] There is construction now (Jan.2012) so until it finishes you should walk about ~2km to where it opens up into 4 lanes again - as it is currently there is very little space for people to stop!
There is a map on
If you wish to hitchhike on the motorway, you should exit at the overpass just before entering Batajnica and walk up to the highway. There is a lot of space for cars to pull down. Try to get any ride to the highway toll gate / péage on the way to [[Novi Sad]], where all cars have to stop. There you can ask people to take you further, even to Hungary (edited by [[User:NixyJungle|NixyJungle]]).
* [[User:Evolverine]] Hitchhiking on the highway was awful, cars going way too fast to even consider picking anyone up. Plus I was confused by the supposed toll booth / péage that I just couldn't find (it is near [[Novi Sad]], so don't bother looking for it; I updated the wiki to make it more clear). So after a couple of minutes I went to the road the cars from Belgrade took to get onto the highway, here [] / geo:44.88789,20.30195?z=17 (not marked on the map above), and in about 2h I got a ride to the border with Hungary, after which it was easy to get another ride to [[Budapest]]. But the general feeling that it's hard to hitch out of Belgrade seems accurate.
* [[User:Luelle]] Another option if you don't want to ride a bus for so long: Take the 95 Bus from the city center to New Belgrade and exit at the station called Sava Center. It stops directly passed a bridge that is over the highway. Exit the bus and walk towards the bridge, you will see a petrol station on the highway to the right which is the direction Novi Sad/ Budapest. This a petrol station which you can use to get a short ride out of the city. Finding a long ride is pretty unlikely from this point since its mostly local traffic. Beware: Bring some cardboard with you. There isn't anything around.
* [[User:schlaraffenkind]] I found a different and much easier way to hitchhike out of Belgrade. Take the Bus 601 from New Belgrade to the bus station "Tošin bunar". From Tošin bunar take bus 611 to the station "Zmaj". It stops right in front of a petrol station which is also called (Benzinska stanica NIS Petrol) "Zmaj" (2 stops from Tošin bunar but it's also so obvious, it will be hard to miss). It's outside of the city and on the E-70 motorway. The motorway that leads straight to Zagreb and is right before the junction that leads to Budapest. Definitely try this route if you are in doubt about the others. I got a ride within 5 minutes towards Novi Sad and then just before Novi Sad another one to the border with Hungary.
=== North towards [[Novi Sad]] {{European Route Number|75}}'s best is possible to take bus number 706 from Zeleni Venac station (big bus station in the city center)underground or bus 73 from New Belgrade. If you wish train to hitchhike on the motorway, you should exit at overpass at Batajnica . If you wish station zemun that goes to take the old road, which is probably the better option if you travel only batajnica every hour and seems to Novi Sad, then you should go further with that bus to the end of Batajnica suburbbe free :), until the bus turns from that road, at the church. Just go back there walk 600 to the same road you were previously at, and hitchhike from there . Batajnica is around 15 kilometers far from Zeleni Venac service station, and bus takes around 40 minutes, depending on traffic jams. Update. The 706 doesnwith McDonald't turn at the church, but a little further up. Actually you could pretty much hitch anywhere along the road the bus is on, but wait until it turns right just after Batajnica, then get off theres. Back on the main road, I got a couple of hundred metres further down, ride there is a bus stop lay-by. There's a petrol station a little back towards town too if you preferafter 1 hour. Both are perfect for vehicles to pull in and great spots. --[[User:Looking for Stu|Looking for Stu]] ([[User talk:Looking for Stu|talk]]) 14:42, 18 January 2014 (CET)
=== Northeast towards [[Timișoara]] ([[Romania]]) {{European Route Number|70}} ===
Take a bus from the center (25/25-P will work) to the base of the ''Pančevački most'' (the bridge over Dunav/Danube -- not any of the ones over the Sava). Take another bus (e.g. 101, 102, 103...) over the bridge, and get off at the first stop after the bridge. Turn around and walk to the elevated motorway back in the direction the bus came (< 100 m). This is the E-70. Coming from the bus stop, the direction East is on the far side of the motorway, so you need to walk under it and then climb up to the level of the highway. Walk right along it (there is a guardrail, so it's not too scary) until you come to a traffic light with a place for buses/cars to pull over immediately afterwards. This is the perfect hitch spot. Continue on the E70 towards Pančevo and Vršač and eventually the [[Stamora Moravița-Vatin border crossing]] into Romania. Be aware that Romanian drivers may expect money, so if a car with a Romanian number plate stops, explain that you will not pay.
'''MARCH 2017''': I recommend you to take the bus that goes right away from Belgrade to Pančevo (I think number 95, but check it). Once you are in that village it goes super fast. It takes longer to go first to that spot after the bridge and find a straight ride to Timișoara than going first to Pančevo, because most of the cars go to small villages around, and normally the ones that leave from that village go to Timișoara.
=== West towards [[Zagreb]] {{European Route Number|70}} ===
Take bus no. 16 or 17 from the upper part of Zeleni Venac station towards Novi Beograd, and exit after you pass traffic circle. Cross the street, and take bus no. 611. To check bus connections: [] . That bus will take you to the motorway, some 20 kilometers from Belgrade. Get off as soon as the bus turns from the motorway, and then return to the motorway. Start hitchhiking there. The toll station is around 7-8 kilometers far, but there's no need to go there on foot. When cars stop, ask them to take you at least until the toll station. If they leave the last exit before, they can drop you off there. (There is a gas station, what can be reached from behind). You can walk from there to the toll station (ca. 1 km).Once you get to the toll station, we recommend using a sign for the direction you want to go, it is a good opportunity to get a direct ride, even all the way to Zagreb.
From Belgrade to Zagreb advice is good you take bus 611 to end of town. Better not try to hitchhike on first petrol station Zmaj after Novi Belgrade, you can really stuck there for few hours. Hundreds of cars coming on that place but almost all of them were going back to Belgrade or to Novi Sad and just few of them to Croatia. Take 611 and go out just near road to air port than you just walk few minute on high way and come to petrol station. That is last petrol station in direction to Croatia and there also people can turn to Novi Sad and not in direction to Croatia. You just need to catch ride to pay tolls. When you at pay tolls, there is much easier to catch ride to Zagreb or any part of Croatia.(June 2013)
Just to write some more info, (June 2014). This time it was much easier to catch ride even on petrols station Zmaj outside of Novi Belgrade and without going more further with bus 616 to last petrol station near airport and pay tolls. It was same as last year a lot of cars where there on Zmaj petrol station and a lot of them were going back to Belgrade(It was mistake last year to ask drivers if they go to Croatia, just ask everyone to get you to pay tolls in Šimanovci) . Speak with people that work on petrol station an they will help you to catch ride, ask every driver just to drive you to Šimanovci-name of place where pay tolls are and from there is much easier to move forward Croatia. On Zmaj petrol station is forbidden to stop for trucks(specially for foreign trucks, trucks can not drive through Belgrade), only trucks with special license can stop there and they will be local Serbian trucks but they can go to pay tolls, try to ask them. On second petrol station after airport is allowed for all trucks. There are also helpful people that work on petrols station or girls that cleans cars to catch some money for summer , they could help you if you ask them. Serbian registration that could go to pay tolls are ŠI, RU, SM ask them or any other foreign driver, they will all go to pay tolls or Croatia.
If you want to hitchhiking directly from the toll station, it is also possible, but quite a long way. You are sure to get a ride pretty far though, it might be useful if you want to have a long ride. In April 2018, I`ve waited 1min and got a ride direct to Munich.
How to get there : find a bus that goes to Novi Beograd and take the bus 711 in direction of Simanovci, the village where there is the toll station.
You can take for example bus 65 from Zeleni Venac (the bus passes in the street, not in the bus station ; the street is Zeleni Venac and it goes across the bridge towards Zemun, Novi Beograd, etc.) and get out at stop Pariske Komune after a big round about. From there, come back to the round about and take a left on Bulevar Mihajla Pupina. Stay on the side of the road where cars go towards the round about, not from the round about! And walk a minute to the next bus stop and take the 711 til the last stop named Simanovci Centar. This is a 50min ride and you can easily blackride the bus.
for info about the 711 bus
From Simanovci Centar, continue straight on the main road for about 20min. Take a left on Dositejeva ulica for about 5min and you`re there!
== Blackriding ==
Controllors are going into the vehicles with a mini computer for checking your e-cards (cards are called BusPlus). Normal BusPlus cards are blue coloured and they have red ones. When you spot them, just ignore them and leave on the next stop. Controls are quite common and with the new pricing system, a single ride bought from the driver is quite expensive (150 dinars).
== WiFi ==
* Main train station: network ''Peron'' code ''internet''(they have changed it already, but in the smaller hall /not the one they sell train tickets in, but with the money exchange office/, you can catch some wifis without passwords, something like AUDInumbers)* Studentski Park has free wifi, just look for an open network that has the word 'free' in it.
== Sleeping ==

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