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Women hitchhiking

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[[File:Parnu-riga.jpg|thumb|left|200px|[[User:Amylin|Amylin]] hitching to [[Riga]] in the snow]]
Do not forget that being For '''women''', hitchhiking seems to be more risky. Hitchhiking as a woman you are firstly a human being and you have the same rights than malescan be easier though. You have a right to be respected and it is not true that while hitchhiking you expose yourself Often, women stop for a risk on your own wishother women or girls.----------Even families (or other usual-not-hitch-hiker-friendly car owners) stop to "save" women from a situation in which they think she could be in "danger".
For '''women''', hitchhiking seems to be more riskyDo not forget that being a woman you are firstly a human being and you have the same rights as males. Hitchhiking as You have a woman can right to be easier though. Often, women stop for other women or girls. Even families (or other usual-respected and it is not-hitch-hiker-friendly car owners) stop true that while hitchhiking you expose yourself to "save" women from a situation in which they think she could be in "danger"risk at your own wish. --------------
== Some precaution you can take as a women hitchhiker Safety tips for female hitchhikers ==
Whatever statistics are concerning violence to women (though when it comes to hitchhiking, they're low -- the German Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Police) estimates the chance of a failed attempt at rape at 1-2 out of 10.000 and the chance of a "successful" rape at 1 out of 10.000 lifts), there are some things you can do in order to avoid/go out from difficult situations
Also the car sometimes tells about the owner. I am personally more careful when asking. For example, I flatly turned down a car with a big sound installation and loud music since this can show that the driver gives a lot of importance (and money) into appearance, and probably likes to be seen and to impress. It is not rare that their car is also a tool to flirt and impress girls. This is just an example and there is of course no generality. I have often met really nice people, which at first glance I wouldn't think of as sympathetic. Just follow your feeling and '''don't hesitate to refuse a ride if you don't feel like it'''!
[[User:Marymary|Marymary]] ([[User talk:Marymary|talk]]) 21:54, 19 June 2014 (CEST) says: I didn't write the above, but I'll chime in with my advice: truck drivers seem to be really held accountable with where they are, and they have to regularly get various parts of the truck maintained and pass through checkpoints. And trucks are heavy, so if a guy wanted to murder you he'd have to pull over in the middle of nowhere. In general I feel extremely safe with truckers and hitch from truck stop to truck stop only. They are all given money for food and showers from their companies, and are generally very generous and gentlemanly. I would advise this over getting in cars with random guys. I did meet some skeezy truckers who could have been dangerous, but using common sense (that is, don't engage anyone who makes you feel weird) avoided problems. And don't get in a vehicle with more than one guy; that's asking for trouble. I work in the adult industry and even we don't allow ourselves to be alone with more than one guy if we can help it because it's too dangerous. Some people will do all kinds of messed up stuff if they're high on bro spirit(see: A Clockwork Orange). Don't do it.
=== Listen to your yourself / set up some [[hitchhiker's safety|safety]] rules ===
We all hope to never be in a situation where such extreme actions are needed, but if such a situation arises, resolve and confidence in your chosen course of action is key.
== Links Further reading ==
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