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<travelmap countries="ru,kz" c2="de,fr,cz,es,pt,uz,tj,kg" c3="gr,be,hu" width="507" description='red: lived and hitched there, yellow: hitched there, blue: traveled there' /><b>siberian_explorer</b>, named as aka Ravil Akhmedov, is got Tartar roots from Ural mountains, was born lives in Cenral Asia, then lived there till 15 years old, then moved to Siberia. In Novosibirsk graduated school then medical university. Worked 4 years Occupated in field of manual therapy and neurology as a doctor in ambulanceM. Entered another postgraduating courses in 2012D. In 2013 will be a neurologist, then will Likes to travel for 3 monthsand to talk with people so hitchhiking is good option. :)
Since 2010 is administrator moderator of Russian speaking part of Hitchwiki.
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[[File:HI travelled a bit, mostly with h-hiking_in_Kyrgyzstanhiking. Totally h-hiked more than 40.000 km.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Hitching in [[Kyrgyzstan]] in 2010]]
[[File:Севилля.JPG|300px|thumb|right|Hitching out [[Cordoba]], [[Spain]] in 2009]]  [[File:H-hiking on Altay mountains 2009.jpg|300px|thumb|right|H-hiking around [[Altay]], [[Russia]] in 2009]]  I travelled a bit, mostly with h-hiking. Totally h-hiked more than 30.000 km. Longest Here is my hitchhiking trips:
2007 august-october: [[Novosibirsk]] - [[Almaty]] - [[Issyk-kul lake]] - [[Bishkek ]] - [[Osh]] - [[Tashkent]] - [[Shymkent]] - [[Almaty]] - [[Novosibirsk]]
2012 august [[Novosibirsk]] - [[Omsk]] - [[Tyumen]]- [[Ekaterinburg]] - [[Chelyabinsk]] - [[Sibay]] - [[Orenburg]] - [[Samara]] - [[Tollyatti]] - [[Ufa]] - [[Chelyabisk]] - [[Kurgan]] - [[Omsk]] - [[Novosibirsk]]
== Statistics (penismeter :) ) == Total hitchhiking distance: 30.000+ km (still got no road map with proper distances to calculate summary) '''Longest waits :''' * 8+ hours and then gave up - Lissbon, Portugal heading towards Madrid, Spain from spot near Foros-de-Amora* 8+ hours - near Drezden, Germany heading towards Berlin, Germany* 6+ hours - near Barnaul, Russia heading towards Novosibirsk, Russia even had got sunburns! :) 2013 september '''Shortest wait:''' no waiting time '''Longest Lift:''' from [[KaragandaNovosibirsk]] in - [[KazakhstanBarnaul]] to - [[AlmatySemipalatinsk]], [[Kazakhstan]] in 2007 (over 900km) '''Longest distance in 24h:''' from [[Shymkent]], [[Kazakhstan]] to somewhere in empty field 150 km after [[Taldykorgan]], [[Kazakhstan]] via - [[Almaty]] in 2007 (1150 km) '''Longest marathon distance (no camping, no resting, sleep in lifts):''' from - [[NovosibirskBishkek]], - [[RussiaOsh]] to - [[IssykSary-Kul lakeTash]] in - [[KyrgyzstanMurgab]] via - [[KaragandaKhorog]] and - [[AlmatyKulob]], - [[KazakhstanDangara]] ~2400 km in less than 52 hours '''Longest time in one lift:''' more than 54 hours in one truck all the way from [[Khorug]] to - [[Dushanbe]], - [[TajikistanTashkent]] on the way from Pamirs in september 2010 '''Top speed:''' up to 240 km/h somewhere on motorway in Germany from - [[BerlinChimkent]] to - [[FrankfurtAlmaty]] '''Coldest Temperature hitchhiked:''' below - 20°C just for fun to my village Bugotak near [[NovosibirskRubtcovsk]], around 55 km total distance, in winter 2007-2008 '''Hottest Temperature hitchhiked:''' higher +40°C in 2007 september [[Osh]], [[KyrgyzstanNovosibirsk]].
'''Highest altitude hitchhiked:''' about 3378m, pass Shahristan between 2014 may [[DushanbeNovosibirsk]] and - [[KhujandBarnaul]], - [[TajikistanSemipalatinsk]] in september 2010- [[Almaty]] - [[Chimkent]] - [[Almaty]] - [[Rubtcovsk]] - [[Novosibirsk]].

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