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A great place for direction north and east is ''Hansastraße''. You can either take tram line 13 and get off at ''Friedensstraße'' or if you are in ''Neustadt'', you can also walk from Alaunpark along ''Bischofsweg'' and ''Fritz-Reuter-Straße'' in direction west and you will pass the ''Friedensstraße'' tram stop as well.
Walk down ''Hansastraße'' and you will pass 2 petrol stations. Both are good for asking people or to wave a sign. The first is generally better and you may meet some other hitchers. Hitching with thumb only is not recommended as cars are going in all directions.
* If you are going to Berlin, just make a sign saying ''Berlin'', you will probably get a straight lift from here or at least to Freienhufener where it's very easy to hitch to Berlin fromthe petrol station/truck stop there.
* If you are going to Poland, make a sign saying ''Bautzen''. That's only a short ride, but just before Bautzen there's a great service area on the motorway where it's easy to find a lift to Poland.

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