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==Pihlajakoski, Finland==
Status: CONFIRMED'''Confirmed'''
The Hitchhikers' Midsummer party will take place 20-22 June, 2014, in Pihlajakoski, Central Finland (between Kuhmoinen and Jämsä), 200 km north of Helsinki and 110 km east from Tampere. Hitching should be relatively easy, even if the last 8 km is nothing but dirt roads. It is an old farm which includes several buildings, one with electricity. There is space for camping on the yard so bring a tent (or a hammock) and a barn if you rather sleep on top of hay like in old Finnish movies.
Midsummer Solstice (Juhannus in Finnish) is a traditional party-day in Finland when people flee the cities and go to their summer cottage, warm up the sauna, put up a bonfire, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, run naked in the fields, fight, kiss and make up, and finally drown in the lake while pissing from the rowing boat. We will extend that to a three-day party and enjoy getting together with our hitchhiker-family (and try not to drown and fight). Both fresh and seasoned hitchhikers are welcome, with or without alcoholic beverages.
There is a spring nearby which will provide us with fresh water and next to it is old smoke sauna. No neighbors neighbours near, so yell as loud as you like. None of these buildings have working toilet or shower. No outside toilet either. The nearest (super expensive) shop/bar is 4km away so come prepared! Sharing is caring.
There is place to swim 200 meters from the main building. 800 meters more and there is a small cabin with sauna for us, just 3 meters from the lake. There is also outdoor toilet, gas stove and place for making fire. Please behave. No drowning allowed! Neighbors Neighbours are pretty close but they are probably having parties as well.
The map (A for the shop, B for accommodation, C for the party):
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- Love, this word that encompasses so much. Anything from a smile to a helping hand. From picking up a shovel to dig a new shit-pit to arranging a food-run if needed. Love, to make this gathering as magical as it possibly could be.

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