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'''{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}''' is an island, part of [[Canary Islands]], [[Spain]].
Hitching in / out, you could try [[Hitchhiking a boat]].
Hitching == Out of the airport ==Directly asking people that have just dropped of someone in front of Departures gate seems to work well. == Out of Arrecife - Direction North (Tahiche, Haria) ==End of Calle Leon y Castillo - next to Eurospar is gooda bus stop. Works best with a sign! Generally had  == Out of Arrecife - Direction South (Airport, Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca) ==Find the bus stop "Intercambiador" on the seafront, at the other end of the main Arrecife beach (beginning being the high-rise glass hotel). Directly next to it is the big Island government building (Cabildo). Follow the road for about 200m (roundabout and underpass under motorway) and you'll be at a roundabout that takes you up to the motorway in the desired direction. Easy to stop and very good lucksuccess rate. == Accommodation and Sleep ==Wild camping is prohibited in some beaches, but it's generally regarded to be fine if you stay over at one place, living here for 2 yearsthen move the next day. Or contact the [ CHT nomadbase / hackbase]. == Other useful info ==* Hitching is generally good. * Distances are short and it's almost always possible to pull on the side of road - no real motorways - so try walking and hitching!* Signs will help you a lot, and (with name of a specific village)* so will basic Spanish. * Hitching at night worked too - standing on the sides of the road with a flashlight on the sign. --[[User:Dcht00|Dcht00]] ([[User talk:Dcht00|talk]]) 19:30, 6 April 2014 (CEST)

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