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Hitchhiking out
== Hitchhiking out ==
=== North towards [[Trujillo]], [[Ecuador]] (Panamericana Norte, 1N) ===
The best place to hitch a ride north is the Ancon Tollbooth. Take any Go to Terminal Terrestre Plaza Norte and take a bus going to [[Huaral]] (S/6 as of 9/2018) and ask to get of off at the ''peaje Ancon''. Alternatively, there are micros that go to AnconAncón for S/2.5 from the Panamericana Norte in the Rimac district of Lima, but they will drop you off at a truck weigh station, a few kilometers before the tollbooth. You can try hitching from there or ask any truck to take you to the tollbooth.
All trucks and buses heading north use this tollbooth to leave Lima.
 Another option is the roundabout within the Ancón. We hitchhike twice from there and never stood longer than You can get a lift here within 5 minutes. Traffic is slow here and there is plenty of space to stop. However, not all trafficgoes along this route as there is a junction between the above mentioned weigh station and Ancón.Most of the cars will bypass the city which results in only being able to hitch lifts with trucks from this spot.To get to Ancón you should go to the Panamericna in the Rimac District of Lima. A ride costed 4 S./ in 2014. [[User:flohfish|flohfish]]
=== East towards [[Huancayo]] ===
=== South towards [[Ica]], [[Nazca]], [[Cusco]], [[Chile]] (Panamericana, 1S) ===
A good spot to start hitchhiking the Panameicana Panamericana in direction South is the toll station in Lima's Villa El Salvado Salvador District. To get there, go to any bus stop on the Sothern Southern Panamericana with in within Lima (e.g. the crossing with Primavera or Avenida Alfonso Benavides) and take a combi going direction Lurín/Pachacamac.  === Northeast towards [[User:flohfish|flohfishHuanuco]]=== For some reason, possibly because of superior road quality, most trucks seem to take the road which passes through Chosica. So take a bus to Chosica and figure it out from there. Don't attempt to use Peaje Ancón to get there- it's mostly dirt roads with little traffic.  == Nomadwiki & Trashwiki == {{nomadwiki}}  

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