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|country = Chile
|state = Valparaiso (V)
|map = <map lat='-33.01' lng='-71.65' zoom='1310' view='0' />
|pop = 275,141
|plate = nongeographical
== Hitchhiking out ==
=== North towards [[La Serena]] or East towards [[Mendoza]] ([[Argentina]])===
From ''Avenida Errazuriz'' in Valparaiso, for example near the metro station ''Bellavista'' take any micro (mini bus) that goes to Quilpue, there's plenty of them and it costs around 600 pesos. Tell the driver that you want to get off near the '''''Puente Lusitania''''' (Lusitania Bridge) in Viña del Mar. Go to the other side of the bridge and turn left (east). After 500m you will see a roundabout where motorway begins. Hitch there with a sign. A lot of the traffic will be heading southeast to Santiagoby motorways 62 and 5, so you can make a sign "Peaje Llay Llay", which is a huge toll plaza located on the Panamerican Higway 5, twenty km south from La Calera. From there you can hitch either south to Santiago, east to San Felipe, Los Andes and Mendoza or north to La Serena.
=== Southeast towards [[Santiago de Chile|Santiago]]===
Get to '''''Avenida Argentina'''''. You can either walk from the historic centre (30 minutes) or take any micro (mini bus) that goes to ''Congreso'' or ''Terminal de Buses''. At the southern end of the avenue there is a beginning of the motorway 68 with a COPEC petrol station. It's a perfect spot for hitching. Make a sign. There will be no trucks, but it's easy to find a lift with cars and they usually go to the centre of Santiago.
Another option is to take a micro (mini bus) in Valparaiso to Placilla and leave the bus in the entrance of to Placilla, then walk like 500 meters to the last petrol station , which is COPEC (COPEC - there are three petrol stationsin a row) always walking near the highway and after . After the COPEC there is a curve where all the trucks leave the city and it is very easy to catch a truck over there, not one. Not all the trucks go to Santiago so try to take one going straight there or get off at the last peaje (toll plaza) before Santiago called ''Peaje Lo Prado'' and catch another lift.{{IsIn|Chile}}

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