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Useful information
The road will take you to the A48, which leads to the M4 going East. Plenty of people in that part of Cardiff will be going this way to get onto the motorway.
====M4 Motorway East====
Alternatively, it may make more sense just to take a bus to the Cardiff Gate Services. In Sept. 2015, we hitched using the option above, waited about an hour, and then just got a ride to the services. Turned up to be very helpful as we got a ride all the way up to Oxford, BUT, there is a bus that runs right there. Take the X59 to Malthouse Avenue, BP Petrol Station, Pontprennau. Not sure the fare but don't think it's much more than the bus that runs to Penylan.
Another option, if you're already on the north side of Cardiff is to walk to the Coryton roundabout and find the exit for M4 East. It's not the best place to stop, but [User:Blanky|Blanky] has managed to get picked up, although there was almost a car crash. You may be better off thumbing or using a sign at one of the entrances to the roundabout, possibly from Merthyr Tydfil where there are traffic lights. Those who attempt this should be informed that the roundabout is quite complex.
=== Direction: Swansea, North Wales ===
There are 2 (more or less) permanent squats/social spaces in Cardiff, called Wells Hotel (77 Craddock Str) and the Red and Black Umbrella (57 Clifton Str).
== Trashwiki & Nomadwiki ==
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