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High-tech hitchhiking

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5. ON THE ROAD<br>
- When travelling make sure Marble is set to '''Work Offline''' in the main menu! This stops Marble from automatically downloading missing tiles from an area that is opened.<br>
- With all apps, wifi, gps and bluetooth off and GSM mode instead of Dual/3G the N900 lasts for 4-5 days. Some users say the phone is more energy-efficient when switched on permanently compared to turning it off when not in use, as the booting process is quite a drains the battery-draining process. With Marble switched on the battery lasts about a day. Bring a spare and/or a mini usb-cigarette lighter charger in case there is an opportunity to charge during a ride. A standalone charger (Nokia DT-33 Battery Charging Stand) helps to charge 2 batteries at once if time is limited.
- To toggle the gps, press screen > Info Boxes > Routing > globe icon. Note: this will also toggle the default internet connection. Set to wifi to prevent the phone connecting to expensive such as roaming 3G internet while on the road. Go to Settings > Internet Connections > Connect automatically > select WLAN. Search interval > select Never

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