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High-tech hitchhiking

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2. Load the maps<br>
Quit App manager and open Marble, Top menu > Marble Virtual Globe Menu > Map View > Select Mercator and OpenStreetMap. This map is identical to the desktop version, including hitchhikers' launch padslaunchpads, also known as petrol stations and highway resting areas.
Install a country for offline use - manually<br>
The dots on Hitchwiki are replaced by the letter ''''a'''' in ''''a Hitchhiking spot in [place, country]' and are placed on the same spot as the dots'''.
4. Good hh spots such as petrol stations and parkings rest areas only appear at lower zoom levels. You might want to bookmark these spots in the area you are heading beforehand. This will make lookups quicker.<br>
To do so, place the crosshair on the spot > press screen > Add bookmark > give a name. The bookmark now shows at all zoom levels.

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