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High-tech hitchhiking

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'''Nokia N900 offline hitchwiki navigator'''
As the [|Nokia N900] internet tablet reaches dumbphone price levels, it can also make for an offline Hitchwiki spot browser within Openstreetmap. The only difference with the website is that Hw's spot ratings and descriptions are missing for now.
- To save battery power, turn off wifi, gps and bluetooth. Select 2G instead of Dual/3G. Bring spare batteries and/or a mini usb-cigarette lighter charger in case there is an opportunity to charge during a ride. A standalone charger (Nokia DT-33 Battery Charging Stand) helps to charge 2 batteries at once if time is limited.
- To toggle the gps, press screen > Info Boxes > Routing > globe icon. Note: this will also toggle the default internet connection. Set to wifi to prevent the phone connecting to expensive such as roaming 3G internet while on the road. Go to Settings > Internet Connections > Connect automatically > select WLAN. Search interval > select Never
- The kml file clutters the map at higher zoom levels. Load the kml file when preparing a route and use it to bookmark hh spots.
- To toggle fullscreen, press screen > Full screen

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