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Women hitchhiking

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First and foremost, be assertive. If you are a solo female and choose to accept rides from single or multiple men (which many people say is a big no-no, although many single women do it) you need to be paying attention to how they act and be able to steer the conversation how you want it to go. Don't let them drive the conversation towards sex, partying or dating. If they insist tell them about your fiance - you know, the 250lbs professional boxer you are on your way to visit. They may try to see how easily intimidated you are, "Aren't you scared out here all by yourself, (a pretty girl like you)? Don't you know there are bad people around?" Of course many people will ask you variations of this without ill-intention, but sticking to a general answer along the lines of "yes I know there are bad people, but I believe that there are more good people than bad out there. Many people go out of their way to help me, like ''you''". This invokes guilt if they had bad thoughts, and gives them an honourable way out. You could also mention something meant to be slightly intimidating, but this may be taken as a challenge and work to your disadvantage.
There is a story of a nun who hitchhiked around the United States for many, many years without ever running into any trouble. Her "secret" was that whenever she got into a car, the first thing she said to the driver was: "Thank you so much for picking me up! There is so many crazy, dangerous people out there that I feel I'm really lucky to be picked up by somebody as trustworthy as you are!" -- or something along those lines. People generally seem to find it hard to "disappoint" a trust that has so obviously been placed in them.
Here are other preventative techniques that can be used:

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