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The spot is located along Tilzes gatve, right after the cross with Ausros gatve, on E77 road heading to [[Joniskis]], [[Jelgava]], [[Riga]].
Just walk, or take a bus/micro-bus (No. 21, 17, 5a opposite side of the street where the Bus Station is) to the northern part of the city. It's immediately after a petrol station, near a bus stop, and on the right side you will see a road (Ausros gatve) and signs for other directions (Panevezys). Another good spot, a little bit farther from the city, is the first bus stop after the intersection of the E77, around 2 km after the cemetery.
=== Towards [[Klaipėda]], [[Kaunas]], [[Kryzkalnis]], [[Taurage]] ===

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