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=== East towards [[Helsinki]] (National Road 1) {{E|18}} ===
From [[Stockholm]] it is less expensive to taking take a ferry to Turku rather than [[Helsinki]], and you can always hitchhike the remainder of the way. The Viking Line cruise ships have free tourist maps of Turku at the information desks on board. Be warned that if you take a daytime cruise (which is about half the price), you will arrive in Turku at night. In the Fall, Winter, and early Spring, that means no daylight for hitch-hiking, and possibly extremely low temperatures, as well. Plus, there might not be much traffic on the icy (or slushy) roadways, since Turku is a rather small city.
The National Road 1 (European Route 18), being a major road, has a lot of exits to other motorways going to all different directions, but there are a few petrol stations/rest stops in between Turku and Helsinki, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a warm spot indoors between rides. However, since the distance between Turku and Helsinki is not very large, it should also be possible to get there in one single ride.
==== Helsinginkatu ====
You can also start from the very beginning of the motorway number 1/the end of the street called "''Helsinginkatu"''. This is just next to both Student the student village (''Ylioppilaskylä'') and the University of Turku. Coming from the direction of the harbour and the bus station on "Helsinginkatu", after the bridge take the right side of the street. After the traffic lights there's a bus stop where you can start hitching. A sign is a good idea since there's a lot of cars driving to suburbs of Turku. NOTE'''Note''': don't walk further than this spot, it gets worse and worse, if If a sign "Helsinki sign " doesn't work , try writing "Salo " (middle size city on the way yo a small town halfway to Helsinki).
=== North towards [[Tampere]] (National Road 9) {{E|63}} ===

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