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* [,+93120+La+Courneuve,+Seine-Saint-Denis,+Ile-de-France,+Frankreich&sll=48.926137,2.394161&sspn=0.01892,0.040169&ie=UTF8&cd=1&ll=48.928026,2.388539&spn=0.018919,0.040169&z=15&om=1 ''La Courneuve Aubervilliers''] (RER B), and walk 2 km north along ''Boulevard Pasteur''. You can catch this train from ''Gare du Nord''. This option requires a '''1-3 zones ticket''', without this ticket you will have to jump over the turnstiles to get out of the station of your destination (or talk your way out or closely follow someone else with a valid ticket).
[This option didn't work for me. the door was up, not on the floor level so not reachable. I couldn't find any hole in the i took a tram to Lafontaine hospital. You can take the tram on the corner, it's only 3 stops. The high way entrance in right there. Ask people if any doubt].
Read this carefully because if you don't, it can be hard to find it and the local people definitely won't know where this is or how to get there by foot! Once at the ''Parc des Sports'' bus stop, the highway (A1) is right in front of you if you look in the direction the bus was driving. (There's another road behind it that resembles a highway, but this is just an onramp.) This is the highway that you want to follow eastward. Basically you just walk to the right from the bus stop in the driving direction, without ever passing under the road. Follow along the road and walk east parallel to the motorway, through the parking lots of an apartment complex. There is a wall preventing access to the motorway, but if you continue walking a few hundred meters east and up a slight grassy hill, the wall ends. You can then follow a steep, thorny path full of nettles down towards the motorway and back west towards the petrol station. There is a fence right along the motorway, but near the petrol station it has been trampled down and you can step over it.

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