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San Luis Potosí

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|country = Mexico
|pop = 2,600,000
|seat = San Luis Potosí (Citycity)
|plate = San Luis Potosí
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'''San Luis Potosí''' is a [[Mexico|Mexican]] federal state located in the northeast of the country. It borders the states of [[Nuevo León]] and [[Tamaulipas]] to the northeast, [[Veracruz]] to the east, [[Hidalgo]], [[Querétaro]], [[Guanajuato]] to the south, and [[Zacatecas]] to the west. Its capital is the city of [[San Luis Potosí (Citycity)|San Luis Potosí]] in the southwest. Other important cities include [[Matehuala]] in the north, [[Rioverde]] in the south, and [[Ciudad Valles]] in the southeast.
The western part of the state lies in semi-arid and desert climate zones, while the eastern part is tropical.
While San Luis Potosí has experienced some violent incidents, it is a rather safe state compared to its northern neighbours (despite the Mexican movie ''El Infierno'' about the Mexican Drug War having been filmed in the north of San Luis Potosí). Tourist destinations, such as [[Xilitla]] and the ''Huasteca Potosina'' region, as well as [[Real de Catorce]] remain frequently visited and are reasonably safe. Still, it's better to avoid standing at lonely places out of cities.
*[[San Luis Potosí (city)]]
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