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=== North towards [[Burgos]], Basque Country, [[Bordeaux]] {{European Route Number|5}} ===
Take the metro to the station Pinar de Chamartín (1 euro). Walk on the street ''calle Arturo Soria'', cross the M-11, follow the street ''Camino de la Fuente de la Mora'', then turn left at the ''avenudo avenida de Manoteras''. You can stay directly in front of the train station. NoNastions got a ride there in 20 minutes. There is a traffic light and the cars can stop there, more or less. This is an upper-class office area full of good-looking young people driving Mini and BMW 120d. There is a Cepsa petrol station on the left 300 meters further, but [[User:Grégoire|Grégoire]] didn't find it very welcoming and preferred to stick his thumb out at the end of the street, where he got a ride to another petrol station further on the A1 30 minutes later.
=== West towards [[Portugal]] {{European Route Number|90}} ===

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