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==== Action ====
If prevention has failed and you find yourself in a situation where you are almost certain you are in danger, it is time to take action. Do not wait. Your chances of escape go down significantly once he has taken you to a back road or isolated area. If you start feeling uncomfortable while on a main road or in a populated area, get out then. Make an excuse to stop: washroom ("that time of the month!"), private phone call etc, and then simply take your stuff and leave. Or jump out at a stoplight traffic light or at low enough speeds (see [ WikiHow: Jumping out of a moving car]. Better to be safe than sorry. Here are some other self-defense defence ideas:
* Knife: keep it on your body and accessible, but hidden. A belt or bra-strap are good locations. It may be enough to dissuade your aggressor, but beware that if you don't know how to use it, it may end up being taken and used against you (this is far too common).
* There are [[pepper spray]]s you can find in some specialized shops, thought difficult to use in closed spaces. Take care, in some countries it is illegal to use pepper spray against people (or to use it at all).
* Remember that as the passenger, you ultimately have a lot of control - after all, the driver has to drive. If you have asked the driver to stop and he refuses, or becomes aggressive, be ready to take action. Know where the door handle,lock and window mechanism are (in some vehicles this may be more complicated than one would think). Opening the door while the car is in motion will draw attention, but remember at high speeds this is difficult due to wind resistance. Flailing your arms out the window also draws attention. Pulling the parking break can be the best resort at high speeds. Hopefully he be forced to slow down enough for you to [ jump out]. <p>Pulling out an ignition key and holding outside open window in a moving vehicle can be very effective if successful - guessing which car design allows that is quite hard.('''Note''': It can also engage the steering lock and disable the power steering and/or power brakes and as such may do more harm than good! [[User:Prino|Prino]] ([[User talk:Prino|talk]]) 10:14, 23 July 2013 (CEST))
We all hope to never be in a situation where such extreme actions are needed, but if such a situation arises, resolve and confidence in your chosen course of action is key.
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