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Me and my wife hitched through Indiana in about 3 hours, we went from Fort Wayne to Chicago, and got rides within several minutes. The people there are a lot friendlier then on the east coast. We didn't have to walk more then half a mile before we got picked up, and even passing cars and trucks honked, and waved at us. - Hunter
''My only experience in Indiana was along the I-90 toll road. Hitchhiking was relatively easy, but be aware it is illegal difficult to loiter hitchhike in the rest areas along the turnpike. A security guard wanted It is pretty much identical to kick me out, but after a polite [[Ohio]] and respectful conversation, she became a bit more lenient. You may be less lucky. Thus it may be best to wait for a long distance ride across the state rather than stopping along the tollway[[Illinois]].'' [[User:Thewindandrain|Thewindandrain]] ([[User talk:Thewindandrain|talk]]) 23:40, 1 June 2013 (CEST)
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