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There are several big ferries from Turku to Stockholm, also stopping on the Åland Islands.
* '''Viking Line:''' You can try to ask people for the free tickets they got on the ferry. A lot of people just use this ferry to buy cheap alcohol on the open sea. If you buy a lot of things in the duty free shop, you get free rides (probably to increase customer loyalty). Ask the drunken people who exit the ferry when it arrives if they can give you one of these free tickets and check in for free!
You can also join cars boarding the ferry with a 'car package' ticket, as on other European ferries.
On the Viking Line ferry to Stockholm, you can buy the cheaper ticket until Åland, and simply not get off when the ship arrives. Once on board no one ever asks for your ticket, considering that you don't draw attention to yourself. On deck 2(Anchor deck) there are freely accessible showers. Also, there is a quiet place on the floor to sleep down there, away from all the drunks.

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