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Halle (Saale)

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Drivers can go via the exits ''Trotha'', ''Tornau'' or the Bundestraße B100.
''Option 1'': Take tram #3, #8 or #12 to the last stop ''Trotha''. Go back to the traffic light where the tram turned and walk 500m along Trothaer Straße (later Magdeburger Chaussee) until you reach an Aral station. Try hitching at the station or stand by the road. It is better to stand by the road. After the Aral station there is a shoulder, which is not tarmaced but still good to stop. Try to get a lift on the Autobahn, as cars further up drive pretty fast. The service station ''Plötzetal'' is very close, it is after the next exit ''Löbejün''. If your driver goes to Könnern ask them to go via the highway and drop you at the service station.
''Option 2:''Take the tram #1 to the last stop ''Frohe Zukunft'' and hitch directly at the road with a sign. Especially locals will avoid the longer route via the B100 and drive this way towards the on-ramp ''Tornau'', but also some navigation systems lead you this way. You can accept a lift to the on-ramp, although there is no shoulder to stop.

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