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[[Image:Dhoonglen.jpg|thumb|right|300px|My favourite type of hitchhiking - narrow countryside roads. The [[Isle of Man]] is perfect for this.]]
An [[England|English]] hitchhiker living in [[Manchester]]. Wish I can unicycle.
==The stats==
''Adventure #57:'' '''Twiceland''', 5km, May 2013
''Adventure #58:'' '''Mosel, Again''', 6km, June 2013
<span style="color:red">'''Please check [[User:Tmoon/log|my log]] for an overview of all my adventures.'''</span>
''Distance travelled:'' '''26789km26795km''' of which 9279km hitchhiking alone, 12672km 12674km with one other hitchhiker, 4021km 4025km hitchhiking in a group of three, 815km in a group of four, and 2km in a group of five; hitched road vehicles for 26194km 26205km (including 9km by bus, 39km by coach, 63km by taxi, and one Eurotunnel journey), trains for 590km, trams for <1km, and not hitched by sea or air... yet
''Longest lift:'' '''589km''', from [[Povegliano Est]] ([[A22 (Italy)|A22]] services near [[Verona]], Italy), to [[Feucht]] ([[A9 (Germany)|A9]] services near [[Nürnberg]], Germany), in September 2009. The driver was going from [[Bologna]] to [[Szczecin]], and took four hitchhikers in a five-seater car at the same time

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