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== Border Crossing to [[Washington]] ==
It is strongly reccommended that you go to the border and clear customs by yourself before trying to hitch a ride, because asking drivers to take you across poses a much higher risk for them. It is not hard to get there by public transport. From the skytrain station Bridgeport, take bus number 351 to White Rock Centre (the bus route goes along the Vancouver-Blaine Hwy, so if you really hate walking, you can get off at Mathew Exchange or South Surrey Park & Ride and try to hitch a ride to the border). From White Rock, take bus C51 to Marine Dr/Stevens St. Cross the street and turn left. You will see a wooden walking bridge on your right side. Cross it, ignoring the No Trespassing sign(it existis because you are entering an Indian Reservation, but the people there are generally not at all fussed about it). Turn left when you get to the paved road, and simply keep going (when in doubt, the sea should be on your right side). The road will lead you straight to the border. After you've gone through, there is a little roundabout right next to the toll station where you can easily hitch a ride South.
== Public Transport in Vancouver ==

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