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=== Direction [[Ljubljana]], [[Austria]], [[Novo Mesto]] ===
'''From town'''
Take tram #5 or #17 from the centre of Zagreb towards the ''Precko''. Notice that the ride takes a lot of time, 45 minutes at least. In ''Precko'', exit the tram and walk left. You'll see a street that turns right. Take this street and walk 5 minutes till you get to the main street ''Ljubljanska Avenija'' (also called ''Zagrebacka Avenija''). Cross this street in front of the ''Konzum'' supermarket and turn left. You will see a small bus station, this is your spot. However most people commute from this point. Best is to hitchhike from there with a SLO sign. Don't take rides that don't take you at least to the border - There is no good places to hitchhike further down the road. From the border crossing itself it's relatively easy to get a good ride, even as far as to Austria.
After more than one hour of waiting, I went further down the road to the next bus stop (in front of FORD car dealer center) where most of the local traffic is gone and I found a ride after 15min.
'''Take a bus to the highway''' This option takes you a bit longer to get started with (nearly an hour), it takes you directly to the highway though. I (nixylive) was hitchhiking there from town on July 2010. with a girl using SLO and Ljubljana signs. There is too much traffic. Cars mostly go to those shopping malls and it's very hard to get a ride. Maybe you can ask some drivers on a traffic light 10 meters before the bus station. As we couldn't get a ride, we were walking down the street trying to find a better spot but we couldn't. From gas station nobody was going further Slovenia. After 4 km of walking from the bus station, we sat down under overpass, it was too hot and couldn't walk anymore and a truck stopped and picked us up. If you go further Slovenia's border. There is another solution. Take a bus number 112 from "Savski most" bus station. Get of the bus at the last station. You should see highway from that place, if you don't, ask for the direction. Above highway you will see an overpass, go to the opposite side and hitchhike there at the entrance of the road.
=== North, direction [[Maribor]], [[Graz]], [[Vienna]] ===

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