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* Actually they don't check anymore. Barely anyone was showing their IDs when they started checking so they gave up. Nobody cares now. Go early if you want choice of foods. Sometimes they run out of the nicest meal or of the dessert and they give you the other one and an orange instead of the baklava or rice pudding. You can easily ask for seconds and thirds.
'''* They don't even look at you, so there is no such thing as "checking". You can just go there and eat. (april, 2012) * '''My friends were there (1st week of September 2012) and they were asked about student cards, so they replied that "we are from erasmus and still waiting for Greek ones, but of course we have our normal"... ok! ok! com'on, there is no problem, so U only have to say "I am a student" if any doubtful problem occur''' 

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