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=== A10 South to [[Orléans|Orleans]], [[Bordeaux]], [[Spain]] and A11 South-West to [[Le Mans]], [[Nantes]], [[Rennes]] and all parts of [[Bretagne|Brittany]] ===
The A10 and A11 motorways follow the route of the '''A6''' (see above) from Paris, and split from it near [[Antony]]/[[Rungis]]. The first [[péage]] in that direction is St-ArnoultThen, 40 km Southwest of Paris. After this péage before the splitting of A10 and the A11. Before the péagewould split up, there is one a service station, near Briis-sous-Forgesand a [[péage]] near St-Arnoult, 40 km Southwest of Paris. Whichever spot you choose, ask the driver to take you at least until the Briis-sous-Forges service station or the péage of St-Arnoult. From these places, you can find a driver who takes you on the A10 or the A11 depending on which way you want to go.
==== Massy Palaiseau ====

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