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On the way to [[Ushguli]] there are some other settlements, it's not a totally deserted road. However the traffic is lower than to the west, it is possible to hitch there within half a day. Road is poor and only jeeps or SUVs can cross.
As for sleeping, also for find a lift, Mestia and Svaneti region are harder than the rest of Georgia. The development of tourism made local see foreigners just as a source of income and the absence of local public transport made them work as taxi substitues especially beyond Mestia (Ushguli and all the road leading to Lentekhi), thats why most often the best option for hitchin are tourist groups with their own jeeps or ur humble legs..[[User: Fedecicco| Fede]] as other hitchhikers (Jo, Alfie and Emee) has been asked for money more than once. generating surprise and disappointment after being accostumed to gorgeous georgian hospitality.
== Sleeping ==

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