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Mestia can easily be walked out of to get onto the [[Svaneti]] road. If you watch the road markers you can make sure you are heading the right direction. The markers are skinny white poles with two square blue plaques declaring the kilometer distances to the ends of the road. If the number facing you is around 140 then you are heading to [[Ushguli]] and [[Lentekhi]]. If it is around 65 then you are heading to [[Zugdidi]].
[[File:spotmestia.jpg|400px|thumb|left|The petrol station at the end of Mestia towards Zugdidi. Traffic could be better, surroundings almost not]]
More traffic seems to leave Mestia for [[Zugdidi]] in the mornings than the evenings. People making day trips into [[Zugdidi]] leave early to traverse the mountain road and make it back up before dark.

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