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=== South towards [[Astrakhan]], [[Elista]] ===
Two options to start hitchhiking towards Astrakhan. The first option is to take the local train (at the main trainstation; go trough the tunnel on the left to the local train station) to take a train to Tatyanka-Yuzhnaya (Krasnoarmeyskiy region of Volgograd). From there the road to the south is only 600 meters. The train is however only two times a day. The second option is to take a marshrutka to Yubileyniy. It takes you all the way to the south of the city. It stops at a market, maybe you should get off a little bit earlier, but from there you can easily walk to the road. Ask for 'trassa'. There's a big road, with still some local traffic, but getting a car to Astrakhan oblast shouldn't be too hard.
=== East towards [[Rostov]], [[Ukraine]] ===
=== North towards [[Moscow]] ===

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