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== Sleep ==
Sleeping on the streets of Istanbul can be dangerous acccording to locals, but luckily many people will be willing you to offer a place to sleep.
[[User:Karol Yohan]] was (attempting to) sleeping in a park in Uskudar when some guys offered him to stay at their place for free.
If you really want to have your own camp site, you should check the Princess Islands. The inconvinient is that you will have to pay 3.5 lira to get there (or maybe not?). There is a good beach which is deserted in Burgazada, just exit the ferry and walk to the right side. When you pass an cemetery look at the right side of the road for some stairs leading to a desert beach. The beach has very low activity and you can camp there. [[User:Karol Yohan]] stayed there for a week in October 2012. Beach is a bit poluted but has a great view.

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