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== Overnight ==
There are several youth hostels in Leipzig. There is one about a mile out Most of them in the city. It's easily walkable, just head out left from the train station's main entrance, and follow the road round to the right. Keep walking past a head shop, center and take a left, then a right on a street that runs parallel. Keep walking to the end two of the road, then turn left over the bridge over the train tracks. After you've walked over the train tracks, there's an interesting little village made up of wendy houses. Walk through this, heading to the far corner. Turn them even right, and walk parallel with beside the train tracks. You should she an old pub in the middle of an HLM type housing estate. Make a note of it, because it does fantastic food. Carry on for about another 200m, then hang a left. The youth hostel is on the left, just on a small service roadstation
== Public transport - Riding with and without a ticket ==

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