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Phoenix (Arizona)

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=== I-10 Westbound, [[California]] Bound ===
[[File:I-10-to-Phoenix.jpg|thumb|300px|right|I-10, 140 miles from Phoenix]]
'''Exit 137 at 67th Avenue.''' From downtown Phoenix, take local Bus #17 west, get off at 67th avenue and walk 1/2 mile south. Two truckstops here: Flying J and Danny's-A Big Rig Resort. Between the two is a public road that all trucks must pass to get back onto the highway. Stand here at the corner with a sign stating your destination ("I-10 WEST", for example). [[User:thewindandrain:|TheWindAndRain]] waited at this spot for 3 days before giving up and deciding to go a different direction.
=== I-10 Eastbound, [[Tucson]] or [[New Mexico]] Bound ===

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