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and [[Fort Collins]]
== Western Colorado Difficult Routes ==While Colorado is generally an easy state to hitch, doing these routes may prove more difficult than others.
Very easy*Difficult: US. 50 from Salida CO133 [[Carbondale (Colorado)| Carbondale]] to Grand Junction (gets a little harder once you hit the [[UtahHotchkiss]] border, carry water)
Very easy*Difficult: Rt. 135 from Gunnison CO92 [[Delta (Colorado)|Delta]] to Crested ButteBlue Mesa Reservoir
Easy *Difficult: CO115 [[Colorado Springs]] to Moderate: along 24 and 285 north of Salida [[Penrose (Colorado)|Penrose]]
*Difficultto Moderate: 92 and 133 between Carbondale and Delta (Low Traffic)[[Fort Collins]] or [[Loveland]] to [[Greeley]]
Easy*Difficult to Moderate: 550 Montrose US287 [[Lamar]] to Durango[[Limon]]
Very easy: Durango to Alamosa Difficult to Moderate: Fort Collins to Loveland to Greeley Very easy: US HGWY 6 over Loveland Pass for back-country skiers (Only in the winter, and only to the top of the mountain). Make sure to find a large pull-off area on a straight stretch of road. '''Note''': [[Buena Vista (Colorado)|Buena Vista ]] and [[Canon City ]] are prison areas which tend to be more difficult to hitchhike around.
== Law ==

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