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 Image:Hitchgathering_2012_group_photo31-countries-10-days.jpg|Group photo taken at Miran Ipavec's epic 10 day journey through 31 countriesImage:HitchhikingSantaKlaus.jpeg|Hitchhiking Santa Klaus giving chocolates away to drivers [[Hitchgathering/2012|Hitchgathering 2012Denmark]] in to [[LithuaniaGermany]].Image:Abgefahren-mitglieder mai2012Vaterstetten.jpg|Where are the [[abgefahren e.V.]] members based? (Mai 2012)Image:Namibia road.jpgjpeg|[[User:TheoPite|TheoPite]] in wasn't the first at Rasthof Vaterstetten Ost on A99 near [[NamibiaMunich]] on Christmas eve
==Images used in past==
Image:Dtsguruguay.jpeg|Member of the German [[DTSG]] in a typical ''dress'' for [[competitive autostop]] during a trip in [[Uruguay]].
Image:Lviv-Kiev_HH_spot.JPG|Hitchhikers out of [[Lviv]], [[Ukraine]]
Image:Race2009.JPG|Hitchhiker at the [[Germany|German]]-[[Austria]]n border hitchhiking towards [[Liechtenstein]]
Image:Albania_hh_truck.jpg|Hitchiked a truck down from mountains / [[Theth]] village, [[Albania]].
Image:Hitchgathering-2013-group.jpg|[[Hitchgathering]] 2013 group photo in [[Slovakia]]
Image:Headstand.jpg|Rest area headstand
Image:886089 582413745104920 354438592 o.jpg|My personal opening of the season 2013.
Image:Hitchgathering_2012_group_photo.jpg|Group photo taken at [[Hitchgathering/2012|Hitchgathering 2012]] in [[Lithuania]].
Image:Abgefahren-mitglieder mai2012.jpg|Where are the [[abgefahren e.V.]] members based? (Mai 2012)
Image:Namibia road.jpg|[[User:Theo|Theo]] in [[Namibia]] on Christmas eve.
Image:Hitchhiking_to_Italy_in_Switzerland_06-2010.jpg|[[User:Mikael|Mikael]] hitchhiking to [[Italy]] in [[Switzerland]] as a part of [[abgefahren hitchhiking race 2011|German hitchhiking race 2011]].
Image:Eric pics 131.jpg|[[User:Eripson|Eripson]] (right) with friend Gaston hitching in [[Ecuador]].
Image:WABrdigesCKrumlov.jpg|[[User:Lookingup|W.A.Bridges]] hitching in České Budějovice, [[Czech Republic]].
Image:Copy of 5804049 l 184757140eda47f21f46f15435cbcba8.jpg|Hitchhiker in [[Chişinău]], [[Moldova]]
Image:Race2009.JPG|Hitchhiker at the [[Germany|German]]-[[Austria]]n border hitchhiking towards [[Liechtenstein]]
Image:Lviv-Kiev_HH_spot.JPG|Hitchhikers out of [[Lviv]], [[Ukraine]]
Image:No autostop en italia.JPG|[[User:Quarim|Quarim]] hitching under a ''NO autostop'' sign in [[Italy]]
Image:2009-05-31 hitchhiking jyvaskyla-tampere in finland.jpg|[[User:Mikael|Mikael]] hitchhiking near [[Tampere]] in [[Finland]]. 31.5.2009
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