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Sault Ste. Marie

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Note that the minimum distance you should accept is to at the Crossroad with the Trans-Canada 11 in [[Nipigon]], which is at a distance of 580km from Sault Ste Marie. Beware of not stopping in [[Wawa (Ontario)]].
This is a notoriously tough location to get any rides out of, so don't be too alarmed if you have to wait as much as 1-3 days to get a ride. Most traffic heading north is local traffic who are unable to take you to Nipigon. Long-distance trucks do not have ample space to pull over on the narrow shoulder, neither is it safe for them to do so on the short ascend to a tight curve at the top of a hill. You are probably best off talking to drivers at a truckstop to get a ride to North to Thunder Bay. If you are lonely and bored, know that you probably will not be the only hitchhiker paying for a Greyhound bus ticket to Thunder Bay.
=== East to TC17 for [[Sudbury]] ===

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