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=== North towards [[Burgos]], Basque Country, [[Bordeaux]] {{European Route Number|5}} ===
Take the metro to the station Pinar de Chamartín (1 euro). Walk on the street ''calle Arturo Soria'', cross the M-11, follow the street ''Camino de la Fuente de la Mora'', then turn left at the ''avenudo de la ManoteraManoteras''. This is an upper-class office area full of good-looking young people driving Mini and BMW 120d. There is a Cepsa petrol station on the left 300 meters further, but [[User:Grégoire|Grégoire]] didn't find it very welcoming and preferred to stick his thumb out at the end of the street, where he got a ride to another petrol station further on the A1 30 minutes later.
=== West towards [[Portugal]] {{European Route Number|90}} ===

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