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'''{{Canterbury}}''' is a city in [[England]].

== Hitching out ==

=== West towards [[Clacket Lane Services]]/[[London]]/M2 ===

Try and get to 'Gate Services' on the A2 (Boughton Bypass) where there is a truck park for roughly 5 trucks. Signs can be flown at the bottom of the off ramp to the services or even at the end of the on ramp from the services to capture drivers on the A2 and coming into/out of the services.

== Hitching in ==
'''Only''' include this section if it is difficult to enter a city, like from the ring around Berlin or the M25 around London!

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== Places to avoid ==

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== Accommodation and Sleep ==
Wild camping places are good. Please '''do not''' add regular hostels.
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== Other useful info ==

== User Experiences ==

--[[User:Brackers|Brackers]] 18:04, 11 July 2012 (CEST) - Traffic was light on the Saturday I was hitching out of 'Gate services' A2 but an hour later a motorhome picked me up. Worth asking in the services ?


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