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'''{{Maidstone}}''' is a city in [[England]].

== Hitching out ==

=== North towards M2/[[London]]/[[Gillingham]] ===

Junction 7 of the M20 has a large layby area on the A249 headed North towards the M2. Users have experienced VERY long wait times at this position, however.

A few KM further up this hill (Detling Hill) there is a second large layby but it is on quite a hill and a trucker has said how he thinks others wouldn't want to stop on such a steep incline.

=== South towards [[Dover]]/[[The Channel Tunnel]] ===

See [[Maidstone Services]]

== Places to avoid ==

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== Accommodation and Sleep ==
Wild camping places are good. Please '''do not''' add regular hostels.
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== Other useful info ==

== User Experiences ==

--[[User:Brackers|Brackers]] 17:56, 11 July 2012 (CEST) - Long wait of 3 hours at the roundabout of M20 and A249 bottom of Detling Hill headed North to M2. Return journey the next day and waited an hour and a half on Southern side of same roundabout. Seems local traffic. 05/08/11 + 06/08/11


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