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'''ATTENTION:''' It is strongly recommend to use the following directions instead of the Survilliers option, due to the fact that it is lower in cost, shorter in time and distance, and does not involve thumb hitching on an on-ramp.
'''1. ''' From 'Nation' bus station (also a metro stop) take bus *351 to 'Roissypole' located at Charles de Gaulle Airport. It's the last stop and payment isn't required to enter the bus.'''2. ''' From here, a bus stop for local towns, you can catch the bus to Vémars. Ask inside at the ticket office/information desk for which parking number the bus will be at. The ticket costs €1,90. '''3. ''' From the Vémars bus stop walk straight on 'Rue Pierre Curie' (D17) 400m until it merges with 'Rue de la Mairie.' Walk an additional 350m until merged with 'Rue des Vignolles' (D16).'''4. ''' On your left the A1 will be clearly visible, as will the 'Aire de Vémars Ouest' petrol station. From here is another 1.25km to any given entrance.
Another useful recommendation is this website, where you can virtually create any route you want to take out of the city. Coupled with GoogleMaps, it's an excellent tool:
*Note: The 351 bus service does not run on weekends, and the above link can help find an alternate route.
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