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== Local attitude towards hitching ==
Apart from the [[Montreal Metropolitan|Montreal Metropolitan Area]] hitchhiking is widely accepted in the province. Some local people also hitchhike short distances. The acceptance and ease of hitchhiking is related to the feeling of community in the area. Public transport is often limited and many people pick up hitchhikers in the countryside for a short ride to the next village. In more remote areas people might also act in the need and responsibility to help someone from the local community. Less to say that people might be surprised to meet a foreigner and quite flattered and happy by this sudden encounter as it is not an everyday event for most.
Long distance will usually end up being something exclusive to some major destination (such as Quebec-Montreal) or major highways as otherwise most of the destinations are not direct. This said, the scale of the country and perception of what is local and what is long distance might surprise people, 30km is a neighbour while up to 100km is still local.
* in [[Trois-Rivières]] in the middle part of the province by the Pont Laviolette (highway [[Quebec highways|A-55]] which connects [[Vermont]]/USA to Lac-St-Jean area through [[Sherbrooke]] and [[Trois-Rivières]].
* in [[Montreal]] in the western part of the province by several bridges through the metropolitan Montreal area. (highway [[Quebec highways|A-10]] which joins the [[Quebec highways|A-55]] in the East near [[Sherbrooke]]; highway [[Quebec highways|A-15]] which connects [[New York State|New York]]/USA to the Laurentides area and [[Ottawa]]. As [[Montreal]] is an island, other bridges also connects to the mainland either on the East or West and also to the North through [[Laval]] island.
* Since 2001, a new bridge as been built in [[Sorel]], East of [[Montreal Metropolitan]] enabling a connection between the [[Quebec highways|A-40 and A-30]].
For a more exhaustive description of it see the [[Quebec highways|provincial highway]] page.
''Look over [[Montreal]] for more details''
''Look also [[Monteregie]] for more details regarding the Rural Crossings West of [[Montreal|Lacolle]]''
* Towards [[Vermont]] and [[New Hampshire]]:
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