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Rest area

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Facilities of the rest area may include park-like areas, fuel stations, toilets, and restaurants. Rest areas are common in the [[United States of America|United States]], [[Canada]], [[Australia]] and parts of [[Europe]] ([[France]]: Aire de service, [[Germany]]: [ Raststätte] (directly on the Autobahn) and [ Autohof] (somewhat off the Autobahn), [[Italy]]: [ Area Servizio], [[United Kingdom]]: [ Motorway services], [[Austria]]: Autobahnstation, [[Denmark]]: Serviceanlæg, [ Info-teria], [[Hungary]]: Pihenohely, [[Netherlands]]: verzorgingsplaats, [[Slovenia]]: Počivališče) and [[Asia]].
Not all rest areas include [[Petrol station hitchhiking|petrol stations]] - this means that the traffic on such rest areas will, in general, be much lower, and one can expect more difficulties when looking for a ride there. For service areas with gas petrol stations see information [[Where to hitchhike|here]].
== Food and Drink ==
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