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=== To the North (Prilep, Skopje) ===
Going to the north end of the main street (shirok sokak/marshal tito), cross the river and there should be signs to the right saying skopje. Follow this for about 10 minutes and you will come to a roundabout, just follow the signs from here and you can pretty much start your hitchhiking here. There are usualy people selling some stuff on this road so people might stop just for that, do not hesistate to ask for a ride anyway!
===Places to Stay===
There is a cheap and cool hostel named Shanti Hostel by the old clocktower in the center. The couple who owns it are hitch-hikers themselves and it is 8 euros for a REALLY good breakfast. They can also point you to cheaper/free things to do around the city center. A really good resource especially if you are traveling alone. Ray stayed there on her way down to Athens and was able to meet more hitchhikers going her way. Thumbs up.
=== Experiences ===

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